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2022Theo Bleckmannuntitledproducer/mixer/ performer


2021Analog Players Society x Masta Ace"Home in America"Ropeadopeproducer/mixer

the legendary masta ace raps about race in america. ft. donny mccaslin – tsx, orrin evans – pn, dezron douglass – bs, eric mcpherson -ds. mastered by joe laporta at sterling sound

2021Jon IrabagonBird with StreamsIrrabagastmixer

solo tenor saxophone recorded in a canyon in south dakota. all charlie carker songs.

2021Queen Esther"All That We Are"producer/mixer/ performer

from the critically-acclaimed record gild the black lily. ft. jeff mclaughlin on guitar

2021Caleb Wheeler CurtisAin't No StormImani Recordsproducer/mixer

produced w/ orrin evans ft. sarah elizabeth charles, josh lawrence, chet doxas, luques curtis, marc whitfield jr, julius rodriguez

2021Drifter ft. Ren Geisick"Souvenir"mixer

Lyrics by Edna St. Vincent Millay, ft. ren geisick – vox, jon dryden – keys/producer, will graefe – gtr, aron caceres – bs, joshua bailey – ds

2021Dezron Douglas"Meditations on Faith"mixer/mastering engineer

solo bass single for black history month

2021Drifter ft. Lucy Woodward"True Love"mixer/arranger

producer by jon dryden. ft. lucy woodward – vocals, preacher boy – guitars

2021Drifter"A Fistful of Blood"mixer

Jon Dryden- Piano, Keyboards
Danielle Crook- Vocals
Will Graefe- Guitar
Aron Caceres- Bass
Dan Rieser-Drums and Percussion

2021Shine & the MoonbeamsI Ammixer

incredible kids funk and soul record. forthcoming

2021Dred ScottPacific JazzRopeadopemixer

all pacific jazz songs, ft dred scott – pn, eric crystal – txs, john wiitala – bass, smith dobson jr – drums. forthcoming

2021Caleb Wheeler Curtis & Laurent Nicouduntitledmixer/mastering engineer

excellent alto saxophone/piano duo record. forthcoming

2021Michael Eaton - Nicki Adams Duountitledmixer

michael eaton – tsx, nicki adams – pn. forthcoming

2021Harper Cole"Fingerprints"Ropeadopemixer
2021James MaddockLittle Bird in the Neighborhoodupright bass


2021Erik Deutsch, Theo Bleckmann and Ben Rubin"Sunstorm"producer/mixer


2021Dred Scott"MNI WICONI"Jazz Coalitionmixer/mastering engineer

new work recorded for a Jazz Coalition grant. dred – pn, ebs, ds, pc. akiko pavolka – vx, joe magnarelli – tpt, patrick cornelius – asx, mike fahie – tbn, akiko tsuruga – b3, matt pavolka – upbs, russ meissner – ds. forthcoming

2021Donny McCaslin ft. Ben Monder and Tim LeFebvre"MOM Americana"UFOmixer


2021Steve Conte & Ben Rubin"Stick Around"co-writer/ producer/ bassist/ mixer/engineer

classic rock meets boom-bap. mastered by dave kutch. forthcoming

2021Nicki & Patrick AdamsLynxSunnyside Recordsmixer

great trumpet/piano duo record

2021JD Walter & the Orrin Evans TrioNothing Like You Has Ever Been Seen BeforeImani Recordsproducer/mixer

produced w. orrin evans. a tribute to bob dorough. live at jazzway 6004. a soundscape experience. forthcoming

2020Analog Players SocietySoundtrack for a Nonexistent FilmRopeadopeproducer/ performer/ mixer

Donny McCaslin-tsx, Orrin Evans-pn, Dezron Douglas-bs, Eric McPherson-ds chopped up into atmospheric boom-bap.

2020Rachel Eckroth"Gloomy Sunday"mixer

Rachel on vocals and piano w Sasha Berliner – vbs, Ethan Moffitt – bs, Christian Eumann – ds

2020Buzzed ArmstrongBuzzed Armstrongproducer/performer/mixer

A collaboration between trumpeter/producer Josh Lawrence, drummer Anwar Marshall and myself for Act4Music cloud festivals. We used samples from NASA to create space music.

2020James Maddock"Williamsburg Bridge"/No Time to CrySongs of Avenue Cupright bass/engineer

upright bass on “Williamsburg Bridge” and engineered some violin overdubs

2020Donny McCaslin"Reckoning"UFOco-writer/ producer/ performer/ mixer

saxophone meets boom-bap

2020Analog Players SocietyTILTEDRopeadopeproducer

The source material for “SFANF” Donny McCaslin-tsx, Orrin Evans-pn, Dezron Douglas-bs, Eric McPherson-ds

2020Abraham Burton, David Bryant, Dezron Douglas & Eric McPhersonuntitledsession producer


2020Josh Lawrence & Color TheoryLost Works Livemixer

mix of live in-studio performance. feat. Caleb Wheeler Curtis, Anwar Marshall, Luques Curtis. only available via the artist’s website

2020LOWER POWEROne Planet at a Timeproducer/ performer/ mixer

political rock from Pat Daugherty, Conrad Meissner, Jon Heagle and myself. (see main playlist)

2020Daniel "Firm" Ramirez, Egypt English, Brittany Anjou, Ben Rubin"Magenta Fish" MediaGrooveupright bass/mixer
2020Jon Dryden TrioMomento Morimixer

w Chris Lightcap, bass and Vinnie Sperrazza, drums.

2020Stripmall BalladsDistantmixer

produced by Evan Harrison Parker.
Winner of 2021 WAMMIE Folk Record of the Year

2019Sun Kil MoonI Also Want to Die in New OrleansCaldo Verdeadditional engineer

recorded Donny McCaslin overdubs

2019Will Sellenraad, Rene Hart & Eric McPhersonGreene Street Sessions, Vol. 1Deko Musicmixer

out now streaming, on green splatter vinyl and cd

2018Walking Distance feat. Jason MoranFreebirdSunnysideproducer/ mixer/ engineer/ performer

feat Jason Moran – pn. Soundscape and production by Ben Rubin. New York Times Top 20 Jazz records of 2018.

2018Dred ScottDred Scott Rides AloneRopeadopemixer

Dred plays all the instruments on this one.

2018Rivers on MarsDeja VoodooRopeadopemixer

The brainchild of Avram Fefer (alto sax) and Greg Tate (programming, guitar) w On Ka’a Davis – gtr, Chris Eddleton – ds. This record is a melting pot of hip-hop, Sun Ra and noise rock.

2018Caleb Wheeler Curtis BrothersImani Recordsmixer

produced by Orrin Evans (The Bad Plus) feat. Josh Lawrence, Seamus Blake, Eric Revis, Luques Curtis, Mark Whitfield, Jr.

2018Paul Josephs"Beautician's Blues"bassist/mixer
2017Patti Rothberg"Poverty Train," Mercy for Angelsbassist


2017Johnbern ThomasMesi, Merci, Thank You, Graciasengineer/mixer

great melding of jazz and Haitian rhythms. feat. Aaron Goldberg on piano.

2016Shawn BaltazorLionsongFresh Soundsmixer

produced by bill goodwin. feat. ben monder, seamus blake, sam harris and ben street.

2016Brad Shepik TrioTop DownJLC Recordsediting
2016Rob Garcia's SoapboxRob Garcia's Soapboxmixer/mastering
2016International OrangeBlue Side Upmixer
2016ErgoAs Subtle as TomorrowCuneiformfinal mixing
2015Tim Ries Quintet (feat. Nicholas Payton)Live at Smalls Vol. 2SmallsLiveproducer/mixer

w Nicholas Payton, Kalman Olah, Hans Glawishnig, Terreon Gully

2015Mudville"Someone Else"Ropeadopeperformer/ producer/ co-writer/ mixer/engineer

end credits track for the feature film Someone Else

2015Jon IrabagonInaction is an ActionIrabbagastmixer

solo sopranino record

2015Walking DistanceNeighborhoodRopeadopemixer
2015Bob WijnenNYC Unforeseenproducer/ mixer/engineer

Bob Wijnen – pn, Peter Bernstein – gtr, Dezron Douglas – bs, Billy Drummond – ds

2015Nelson Kim, dir.Someone Elsecomposer/ producer/ performer/ mixer/engineer

feature film score. world premiered at Miami International Film Festival, 3.13.15. out now on DVD and VOD.

2014Emilio Solla y La Inestable de BrooklynSecond HalfEmilio Solla Musicco-producer

nominated for 2014 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Record

2014Paul Pope & Sridhar Reddy, directors7x6x2Tribeca Digital Studioscomposer/ producer/ performer/ engineer/mixer

short film score

2014Johnny O’NealLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2014Amy KohnPlexi LussoPalpebrebassist/engineer
2014Scott HamiltonLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2013Tone Johansen"Brooklyn Paradise," Songs After SandySongs After Sandybassist/mixer
2013Peter Bernstein SoloLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Will VinsonLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Harold Mabern TrioLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013The Former MembersThe Former Membersmixer
2013David Berkman Quartet (feat. Tom Harrell)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer mixer
2013Frank LacyLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Stick Again Stone Orchestra"Elephants" - Get It All OutMediaGroovebassist
2013Joe Magnarelli (feat. Mulgrew Miller)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Alex SipiaginLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Rodney GreenLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Jesse DavisLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Lage LundLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer
2012Marcos Pin Factor y ResetBarbanzaFreeCode Jazz Recordsmixer
2012Dezron DouglasLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Rick Germanson Quartet (feat. Eddie Henderson)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Ralph LaLama "Bop Juice"Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012David SchnitterLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Grant StewartLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Tyler MitchellLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Peter Bernstein/Larry Goldings/Bill StewartLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Dred Scott TrioGoing NowhereRopeadopebassist/ co-producer/ mixer
2011Tim Ries Quintet (feat. Chris Potter & John Patitucci)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Dred ScottPrepared PianoRopeadopemixer
2011Bruce BarthLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer
2011Joel Frahm (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011The FlailLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010MC Extra Cheese & the Dred Scott TrioPrepare for Blast Off!!American Cheeseholebassist/ producer/mixer
2010Jazz Incorporated (Jeremy Pelt & Louis Hayes)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Cyrille Aimée + Friends (feat. Roy Hargrove)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Ari Hoenig "Punk Bop"Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Seamus BlakeLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Jimmy GreeneLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Omer AvitalLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Carol Lipnik & SpookaramaM.O.T.H.Mermaidalley Musicmixer
2010Ben WolfeLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Planet JazzLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Neal Smith (feat. Mulgrew Miller)Live at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Jim RotondiLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2009Marshall CrenshawJaggedland429 Recordsbassist
2009Kaz SilverI Took a Trip indiebassist/ producer/mixer
2009Andrew Green SextetNarrow MarginMicrophonic Recordsmixer/keys
2009Dred Scott TrioLive at the Rockwood Music HallRopeadopebassist/mixer
2008Mudville"Wicked," Now Hear This: Independent Music Awards 2008 WinnersIndependent Music Awardsperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2008Stripmall BalladsHookedperformer/producer/ engineer/mixer

sadly, this record remains unreleased. see main playlist.

2008Geoff Quan, directorThe Other Way Roundcomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

short film score

2008Nelson Kim, directorLong Distancecomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

short film score

2007MudvilleIris NovaMudvilleMusicperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer

Winner, 2008 Independent Music Award, Electronica Song of the Year.

2007Pimp the CatPeople Makes CrazyKeni International (Japan)co-producer/mixer/ keyboards
2007Doujah Raze"Where You Are", "Win, Lose or Draw" - Where You AreTrilogy Recordsbassist
2006Karsh KaleManifest RemixesSix Degreesremixer
2006Mudville "The Hero of the World", Breakfast Club: LondonWater Music Recordsperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2006President's Breakfast"Windchimes" Formidable FoeDiscLexiabassist
2006Amy KohnI'm in CrinolineAmy Musicbassist
2006MudvilleSide TraxMudvilleMusicperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Mudville"Blown," Copper Press Presents 26Copper Pressperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Brazilian Girls "Pussy (Benny Cha Cha remix)"Verve Forecastremixer

see main playlist

2005MudvilleThe Glory of Man Is Not In VogueDay By Day Entertainmentperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Richard MüllerVV44 SRO (Slovakia)bassist
2005Pratt Brothers Big Band16 Men and a Chick Singer SwinginConsolidated Artists Productionsbassist
2004Marshall Crenshaw feat. Keva Hargrove"My Favorite Waste of Time"performer/producer/ engineer/mixer

mixed at Electric Lady Studio A. see main playlist.

2004Chris Brown & Kate FennerGo OnB Musicbassist
2004Dred Scott Trio with Kenny BrooksDred Scott Trio with Kenny BrooksRobertsonmixer
2003Killah Priest"Deja Vu" remix & "When I'm Writing" remixRecon Recordsremixer
2003Mudville"High Rise", Bridge to Music Harris Radioperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2003Luther Wright and the Wrongs"Goodbye Blue Sky (Benny Cha Cha's Hee-House remix)"Universal Canadaremixer
2002Mudville Mudville EPperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2001Chris Brown & Kate FennerO WitnessRAM Recordingsbassist
2001Chris Brown & Kate FennerGreat Lakes BootlegRAM Recordingsbassist
2000Art HiraharaEdge of this EarthMusic Camp (Japan)bassist
1999Ron Graham‰'s Corner Pocket Ron Graham‰'s Corner Pocket feat. Bruce Formanbassist
1998Marilyn CarinoLong Island Luluperformer/producer
  1. Home In America *producer/mixer* *hip-hop* Analog Players Society x Masta Ace 4:23
  2. Reckoning *producer/mixer/engineer* *jazz meets boom bap* Donny McCaslin 3:15
  3. Rock The Block (feat. Ben Rubin) *producer/mixer* *hip-hop* Analog Players Society feat. Donny McCaslin & Orrin Evans 2:28
  4. All That We Are *producer/mixer/performer* *black americana pop* Queen Esther 4:07
  5. Bigment *producer/mixer/engineer* *jazz movie* Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran 4:22
  6. Wicked *performer/co-writer/producer/mixer/engineer* *trip-hop* Mudville 4:27
  7. All About Me *bassist/producer/mixer/engineer* *political rock* Lower Power 2:13
  8. Manifest (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *bolly-hop* Karsh Kale 6:09
  9. Ghost Town *producer/mixer/performer* *space music* Buzzed Armstrong feat. Josh Lawrence & Anwar Marshall 4:19
  10. Someone Else *performer/producer/mixer/engineer* *electronica* Mudville 4:12
  11. Simple Ghilnooorty *producer/mixer/performer/engineer* *jazz meets nine inch nails* Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran 3:20
  12. Deja Vu (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Killah Priest 3:53
  13. My Favorite Waste of Time *producer/performer/mixer/engineer* *dance pop* Marshall Crenshaw feat. Keva Hargrove 3:10
  14. The Hero Of The World *performer/co-writer/producer/mixer/engineer* *trip-hop* Mudville 4:29
  15. "Long Distance" - End Credits *composer/producer/performer/mixer* *film score* Ben Rubin feat. Michael Blake 1:19
  16. Businessman Of The Heart *bassist/producer/mixer/engineer* *political rock* Lower Power 3:07
  17. Today Means More *producer/bassist/mixer/engineer* *country* Stripmall Ballads feat. Jolie Holland & Sam Parton 3:19
  18. "Someone Else" - Opening Titles *composer/performerproducer/engineer/mixer* *film score* Ben Rubin 1:39
  19. Pussy (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Brazilian Girls 5:41
  20. "7x6x2" - End Credits *composer/producer/perfomer/mixer/engineer* *space western rock film score* Ben Rubin 4:33
  21. Doggie and Cookie *bassist/mixer* *jazz* Dred Scott Trio 6:46
  22. When I'm Writing (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Killah Priest 4:30
  23. Goodbye Blue Sky (Benny Cha Cha's Hee-House Remix) Luther Wright & The Wrongs 4:03
  24. That Lick I Invented *bassist/co-producer/mixer* *jazz* Dred Scott Trio 6:12