2017Rubicon (Steve Conte and Ben Rubin)"Stick Around"performer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer


2017Charming Disaster"Mother was a Monster"producer/mixer


2017Walking Distance feat. Jason MoranFree Birdproducer/mixer/ performer


2017Patti Rothberg"Poverty Train," Mercy for Angelsbassist


2016Rob Garcia's SoapboxRob Garcia's Soapboxmixer/mastering
2016Brad Shepik TrioTop DownJLC Recordsediting
2016Shawn BaltazorLionsongFresh Soundsmixer

produced by bill goodwin. feat. ben monder, seamus blake, sam harris and ben street.

2016Hilliard Greene - solo bassTitle TBAproducer/engineer/ mixer

Tracked and mixed at House of Cha Cha

2016International OrangeBlue Side Upmixer
2016ErgoAs Subtle as TomorrowCuneiformfinal mixing
2015Nelson Kim, dir.Someone Elsecomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

feature film score. world premiered at Miami International Film Festival, 3.13.15. out now on DVD and VOD.

2015Tim Ries Quintet (feat. Nicholas Payton)Live at Smalls Vol. 2SmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2015Mudville"Someone Else"Ropeadopeperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer

end credits track for the feature film Someone Else

2015Bob WijnenNYC Unforeseenproducer/engineer/ mixer
2015Walking DistanceNeighborhoodRopeadopemixer
2015Jon IrabagonInaction is an ActionIrabbagastmixer

solo sopranino record

2014Paul Pope & Sridhar Reddy, directors7x6x2Tribeca Digital Studioscomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

short film score

2014Emilio Solla y La Inestable de BrooklynSecond HalfEmilio Solla Musicco-producer

nominated for 2014 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Record

2014Johnny O’NealLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2014Amy KohnPlexi LussoPalpebrebassist/engineer
2014Scott HamiltonLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2013Tone Johansen"Brooklyn Paradise," Songs After SandySongs After Sandybassist/mixer
2013Peter Bernstein SoloLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Will VinsonLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Harold Mabern TrioLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013The Former MembersThe Former Membersmixer
2013David Berkman Quartet (feat. Tom Harrell)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer mixer
2013Frank LacyLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Stick Again Stone Orchestra"Elephants" - Get It All OutMediaGroovebassist
2013Joe Magnarelli (feat. Mulgrew Miller)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Alex SipiaginLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2013Rodney GreenLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Jesse DavisLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Lage LundLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer
2012Marcos Pin Factor y ResetBarbanzaFreeCode Jazz Recordsmixer
2012Dezron DouglasLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Rick Germanson Quartet (feat. Eddie Henderson)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Ralph LaLama "Bop Juice"Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012David SchnitterLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Grant StewartLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2012Tyler MitchellLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Peter Bernstein/Larry Goldings/Bill StewartLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Dred Scott TrioGoing NowhereRopeadopebassist/co-producer/ mixer
2011Tim Ries Quintet (feat. Chris Potter & John Patitucci)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011Dred ScottPrepared PianoRopeadopemixer
2011Bruce BarthLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer
2011Joel Frahm (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2011The FlailLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010MC Extra Cheese & the Dred Scott TrioPrepare for Blast Off!!American Cheeseholebassist/producer/ mixer
2010Jazz Incorporated (Jeremy Pelt & Louis Hayes)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Cyrille Aimée + Friends (feat. Roy Hargrove)Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Ari Hoenig "Punk Bop"Live at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Seamus BlakeLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Jimmy GreeneLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Omer AvitalLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Carol Lipnik & SpookaramaM.O.T.H.Mermaidalley Musicmixer
2010Ben WolfeLive at SmallsSmallsLiveproducer/mixer
2010Planet JazzLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Neal Smith (feat. Mulgrew Miller)Live at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2010Jim RotondiLive at SmallsSmallsLivemixer
2009Kaz SilverI Took a Trip indiebassist/producer/ mixer
2009Marshall CrenshawJaggedland429 Recordsbassist
2009Andrew Green SextetNarrow MarginMicrophonic Recordsmixer/keyboards
2009Dred Scott TrioLive at the Rockwood Music HallRopeadopebassist/mixer
2008Mudville"Wicked," Now Hear This: Independent Music Awards 2008 WinnersIndependent Music Awardsperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2008Stripmall BalladsHookedperformer/producer/ engineer/mixer

sadly, this record remains unreleased. see main playlist.

2008Geoff Quan, directorThe Other Way Roundcomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

short film score

2008Nelson Kim, directorLong Distancecomposer/producer/ performer/engineer/ mixer

short film score

2007Pimp the CatPeople Makes CrazyKeni International (Japan)co-producer/mixer/ keyboards
2007MudvilleIris NovaMudvilleMusicperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer

Winner, 2008 Independent Music Award, Electronica Song of the Year.

2007Doujah Raze"Where You Are", "Win, Lose or Draw" - Where You AreTrilogy Recordsbassist
2006Mudville "The Hero of the World", Breakfast Club: LondonWater Music Recordsperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2006Karsh KaleManifest RemixesSix Degreesremixer
2006President's Breakfast"Windchimes" Formidable FoeDiscLexiabassist
2006Amy KohnI'm in CrinolineAmy Musicbassist
2006MudvilleSide TraxMudvilleMusicperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Mudville"Blown," Copper Press Presents 26Copper Pressperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Brazilian Girls "Pussy (Benny Cha Cha remix)"Verve Forecastremixer

see main playlist

2005MudvilleThe Glory of Man Is Not In VogueDay By Day Entertainmentperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2005Richard MüllerVV44 SRO (Slovakia)bassist
2005Pratt Brothers Big Band16 Men and a Chick Singer SwinginConsolidated Artists Productionsbassist
2004Marshall Crenshaw feat. Keva Hargrove"My Favorite Waste of Time"performer/producer/ engineer/mixer

mixed at Electric Lady Studio A. see main playlist.

2004Chris Brown & Kate FennerGo OnB Musicbassist
2004Dred Scott Trio with Kenny BrooksDred Scott Trio with Kenny BrooksRobertsonmixer
2003Mudville"High Rise", Bridge to Music Harris Radioperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2003Killah Priest"Deja Vu" remix & "When I'm Writing" remixRecon Recordsremixer
2003Luther Wright and the Wrongs"Goodbye Blue Sky (Benny Cha Cha's Hee-House remix)"Universal Canadaremixer
2002Mudville Mudville EPperformer/co-writer/ producer/engineer/ mixer
2001Chris Brown & Kate FennerO WitnessRAM Recordingsbassist
2001Chris Brown & Kate FennerGreat Lakes BootlegRAM Recordingsbassist
2000Art HiraharaEdge of this EarthMusic Camp (Japan)bassist
1999Ron Graham‰'s Corner Pocket Ron Graham‰'s Corner Pocket feat. Bruce Formanbassist
1998Marilyn CarinoLong Island Luluperformer/producer
  1. Someone Else *performer/co-writer/producer/engineer/mixer* Mudville 4:12
  2. Wicked *performer/co-writer/producer/engineer/mixer* Mudville 4:27
  3. The Hero Of The World *performer/co-writer/producer/engineer/mixer* Mudville 4:29
  4. Deja Vu (Benny Cha Cha Remix) Killah Priest 3:53
  5. Manifest (Benny Cha Cha Remix) Karsh Kale 6:09
  6. "Long Distance" - End Credits *composer/producer/performer/mixer* Ben Rubin feat. Michael Blake 1:19
  7. "Someone Else" - Opening Titles *composer/performerproducer/engineer/mixer* Ben Rubin 1:39
  8. That Lick I Invented *bassist/co-producer/mixer* Dred Scott Trio 6:12
  9. Today Means More *producer/bassist/mixer* Stripmall Ballads 3:19
  10. My Favorite Waste of Time *producer/performer/mixer* Marshall Crenshaw feat. Keva Hargrove 3:10
  11. Sunrise Sunset (Benny Cha Cha Remix) Louis Armstrong 4:17
  12. "7x6x2" - End Credits *space western rock - wurly/moog/drums/guitar/trumpet* Ben Rubin 4:33
  13. Doggie and Cookie *bassist/mixer* Dred Scott Trio 6:46
  14. When I'm Writing (Benny Cha Cha Remix) Killah Priest 4:30
  15. Goodbye Blue Sky (Benny Cha Cha's Hee-House Remix) Luther Wright & The Wrongs 4:03
  16. Pussy (Benny Cha Cha Remix) Brazilian Girls 5:41