“Freebird” by Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran garners NY Times best-of and more!

Freebird, the new record by Walking Distance feat Jason Moran, produced and mixed by me, has been out now for a few months and has garnered quite a bit of praise. It was named to the “Top 20 Jazz records of 2018” by the New York Times. The Times also covered the record in their […]

Dred Scott Trio back at Mezzrow November 18

The Dred Scott Trio, with Dred Scott on piano, Ben Rubin on bass and Diego Voglino on drums, returns to Mezzrow, the West Village jazz club picking up the slack left by Bradley’s, on Sunday November 18 with two show at 8 and 9:30 pm. Dred Scott Trio Sunday November 18, 8 & 9:30 Mezzrow […]

“Dred Scott Rides Alone” album release show this Sat Oct 13

Come out to the Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 this Saturday October 13 at 8:30 to celebrate the release of Dred Scott Rides Alone on Ropeadope Records. Join Dred Scott on piano, Ben Rubin on bass and Diego Voglino on drums as we play the new record in its entirety as well as some DST […]

Today is Release Day for Walking Distance ft. Jason Moran & Dred Scott Rides Alone

Big day for me today. Two records I worked hard on are reaching your earholes! First up is Freebird by Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran, on Sunnyside Records. As the producer and mixer of this record, I worked super-hard on this one. Here’s a brief description: Freebird, the new recording from Walking Distance, uses the […]

Today is Release Day for Caleb Wheeler Curtis’s “Brothers”!

Brothers, the record I mixed for Caleb Wheeler Curtis earlier this year, is out now on Imani Records and I’m excited for it to reach your earholes. This is a wonderful record, produced by Orrin Evans, featuring Seamus Blake, Eric Revis, Josh Lawrence, Luques Curtis and Mark Whitfield, Jr. It goes a lot of unexpected […]

Dred Scott Trio heads back to Ohio and Buffalo

The Dred Scott Trio (Dred Scott on piano, Ben Rubin on bass and Diego Voglino on drums) heads west to play a weekend of shows in Cleveland, OH Akron, OH and Buffalo, NY. Join us if you live in the area! Friday July 13, 7pm Blu Jazz+ 47 E Market St, Akron, OH, 44308 (330) […]

Today is Release Day for “Deja Voodoo” by Rivers on Mars!

I mixed Deja Voodoo earlier this year and I’m excited for this Ropeadope release to reach your earholes! The label says it best: The sax man with eclectic plans is back! Avram Fefer plays with the most unique of ensembles, and after delivering his Big Picture Holiday release he has returned with a new project […]

LOWER POWER makes its debut in Tompkins Square Park this Sat June 23!

Guys, I’m super-excited to announce that I’m playing bass in a new punk band called LOWER POWER. The songs, by Pat Daugherty, are off-the-charts good and we’re gonna make a record real soon. Jon Heagle will be on guitar and Gintas Janusonis on drums. The show is in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village […]

Dred Scott Trio plays Mezzrow Wed February 28

The Dred Scott Trio, with Dred Scott on piano, Ben Rubin on bass and Diego Voglino on drums, will play Mezzrow, in New York’s West Village, on Wednesday February 28 with two shows at 8 and 9:30 pm. The show will web-stream via their website. Dred Scott Trio Wednesday February 28, 8 and 9:30 pm […]

Show with Brazilian vocalist Emanuelle Araujo at nublu classic next week Nov 3!

I’m really looking forward to this show coming up next week with amazing Brazilian vocalist and actor (she has her own netflix show!) Emanuelle Araujo. It’s at nublu classic and besides me on electric bass, Guilherme Montiero on guitar, Pablo Valera on keys and Stephane San Juan on drums. A great band and some great […]

  1. Bigment *producer/mixer/engineer* *jazz movie* Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran 4:22
  2. Wicked *performer/co-writer/producer/mixer/engineer* *trip-hop* Mudville 4:27
  3. Businessman of the Heart *producer/bassist/mixer/engineer* *loud rock n roll* LOWER POWER 3:05
  4. Manifest (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *bolly-hop* Karsh Kale 6:09
  5. Someone Else *performer/producer/mixer/engineer* *electronica* Mudville 4:12
  6. Simple Ghilnooorty *producer/mixer/performer/engineer* *jazz meets nine inch nails* Walking Distance feat. Jason Moran 3:20
  7. Deja Vu (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Killah Priest 3:53
  8. My Favorite Waste of Time *producer/performer/mixer/engineer* *dance pop* Marshall Crenshaw feat. Keva Hargrove 3:10
  9. The Hero Of The World *performer/co-writer/producer/mixer/engineer* *trip-hop* Mudville 4:29
  10. "Long Distance" - End Credits *composer/producer/performer/mixer* *film score* Ben Rubin feat. Michael Blake 1:19
  11. Be Free *producer/bassist/mixer/engineer* *punk rock* LOWER POWER 4:04
  12. Beautician's Blues (Live @ New York Botanical Gardens) *bassist/mixer* *blues* Paul Josephs Blues Band 5:27
  13. Today Means More *producer/bassist/mixer/engineer* *country* Stripmall Ballads 3:19
  14. Fantasia *mixer* *electric bossa* Shawn Baltazor 4:29
  15. "Someone Else" - Opening Titles *composer/performerproducer/engineer/mixer* *film score* Ben Rubin 1:39
  16. Pussy (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Brazilian Girls 5:41
  17. Goodbye America *mixer* *light jazz/rock* Dred Scott 6:25
  18. "7x6x2" - End Credits *composer/producer/perfomer/mixer/engineer* *space western rock film score* Ben Rubin 4:33
  19. Doggie and Cookie *bassist/mixer* *jazz* Dred Scott Trio 6:46
  20. When I'm Writing (Benny Cha Cha Remix) *hip-hop* Killah Priest 4:30
  21. On the Other Side of Time *mixer* *space jazz* Caleb Wheeler Curtis 2:10
  22. Goodbye Blue Sky (Benny Cha Cha's Hee-House Remix) Luther Wright & The Wrongs 4:03
  23. That Lick I Invented *bassist/co-producer/mixer* *jazz* Dred Scott Trio 6:12