NYC Unforeseen, the debut record from Bob Wijnen that we’ve been working on since last November, is DONE! I’m producing, engineering and mixing on this one. Just got it back from ace mastering engineer Gene Paul and it sounds great. I went over there last week as I love to hear Gene tell me stories about “the old man” (Les) and recording Aretha and MJQ at Atlantic back in the day once the work is done.

I’m really happy with how this record came off. The Steinway D at the Samurai Hotel sounds great and we had a fun two days of recording without headphones in the same room, old school. Never hurts to have the likes of Peter Bernstein on guitar, Dezron Douglas on bass and Billy Drummond on drums. Makes things go quite smoothly actually.

This one should be out in the next couple of months so look for it. I have the title track in my producing/mixing playlist so you can go here to listen to it right now.